Note: This is an old post whose content was created for fun, with little to no proof-reading or editing. Please read this post keeping that in mind.
Ever since arriving in Barcelona in January I had heard about Rodellar, a climbing sector in the province of Aragón, west of Catalunya.  Rodellar sounded like the type of Spanish sport climbing I saw in all of the climbing videos; it features long tufa lines stretching down huge overhung limestone caves and has more than 200 routes graded 8a (holy shit!!) In fact, in the UKC climbing website they call it “the land of lactic acid” due to the sheer angle of the walls. Rodellar is a spring/summer crag, however, so I had to wait until the end of April to visit it.

Guest Blogger Colleen Kamoroff!!!

Note: This is an old post, whose content was created for fun, with minor proof-reading. Please read this post keeping that in mind 

The author sending hard in Margalef

My friend Colleen Kamoroff has flown all the way from California to visit me in Spain and to have an adventure of her own. She allowed me to share with you, my glorious readers, (mom, dad and some random people from Russia- thanks for reading!) her experiences thus far.  Before anything, I’d like to share a collaborative haiku we made which, I think, summarizes my experiences in Spain quite well:

Jasna climbs a rock
Jasna falls off of a rock
Venga, a muerte!

and without further ado… here is Colleen’s blog post


Note: This is an old post, whose content was created for fun, with minor proof-reading. Please read this post keeping that in mind 

A mere 2 weeks after my 11 day adventure through Spain I set off for Portugal with Jason. Before coming to Spain Portugal was never on my “must visit” list but I figured since it’s so close, and since I may not ever end up there again, I should go check it out. Of course, if possible, I wanted to sprinkle in some climbing throughout the trip. By seeking out climbing in all of the areas I travel, I find I get to explore places that I wouldn’t find in a guide book, and, well, I get to go climbing! This makes the sight-seeing a litte more bearable because sometimes (or all of the time) I get a little bit tired of going to museums or seeing my 1000th cathedral of all time.

So, after researching Portugal I found that one of the best climbing spots to go to is Sagres, which is on the Algarve coast on the very southern tip of Portugal. We had booked our tickets so that we could fly to Lisbon and into Porto, neither of which were anywhere near Sagres. But, after reading more and more about it we decided to take the plunge and rent a car. (and by “decided” I mean we debated the topic until the last possible moment )

“Little Yosemite” sector in “The Chamber” in
Sagres. Check out that 6a+ crack and the
chimney start of the 6b+ to it’s right!

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