Monthly Archives: April 2013

Before arriving in Barcelona to study abroad I toyed with the idea of writing a blog chronicling my study abroad experience, as most students do. After a month of settling in, however, this dream was quickly dashed by my realization that I had neither the time, energy nor skill to complete such a task. Also, my daily life just wasn’t that entertaining to merit constant blog updates. 
And then I traveled during semana santa, my spring break. What I experienced was such a crazy mixture between complete disaster, complete success and total luck that culminated into one of the best trips I’ve ever had that I knew I had to write about it, at least for myself.  
 Now, I must digress for a moment…
My travels here tend to revolve around one activity : rock-climbing. In fact, half the reason I chose Barcelona to study abroad in was because of its accessibility to some of the best, world class sport climbing crags in the world. Instead of going to London or Amsterdam como mis comapñeros, I tend to spend my weekends in Margalef, Montserrat.. or wherever it’s not raining and where people are going. I don’t really party too much because I’d rather wake up early to meet up with friends on Diagonal to cram into a car and head off to some climbing destination. If this is an American friend ,we’d have planned the trip at least a day in advance. If it’s with Spanish friends, well.. it’s likely that I won’t know where we are going until 30 minutes before we leave, and definitely not until after we have our 11 AM breakfast beer and bocadillos. (not a criticism at all of Spanish climbing style.. somehow they do this , get to the crag at 1 PM and crush, while I’m nervously eating my breakfast bocadillo wondering if we’re even going to climb and then find myself completely exhausted before them, wondering when we’re going to have our dinner bocadillo)
So, for all my faithful readers (hi mom and dad) think of this as a mini-introduction to what will be a casually updated blog of my outdoor adventures. I’ll sprinkle in some tourism here and there, but the focus will be climbing, hiking and any other activity that gets me outside.
Hope this gives anyone who stumbles upon it the inspiration to go outside to encounter and overcome both mental and physical challenges.